VAT Tax in Dubai, UAE

Engage Experts delivers outstanding VAT tax services in Dubai, helping businesses with registration, compliance, and filing to boost operational efficiency and ensure VAT compliance.

Value Added Tax Services for UAE Businesses

The Engage Experts UAE is the recognized service provider in UAE. We provide a variety of VAT services, all designed to suit UAE businesses. Firstly, we customize Auditing, Consultation and Finance Services to your specific needs. Other then this we offer exclusive VAT tax services including;

  • VAT registration,
  • VAT deregistration,
  • VAT return filing,
  • VAT accounting services, and more.

What is VAT?

Value Added Tax, commonly known as VAT, is an indirect tax imposed on the consumption of goods and services at each stage of sale. VAT tax was introduced in the UAE on 1 January 2018, according to the law, consumers are expected to pay 5% for the product or services they use. Registering business under the Emirati VAT law is necessary to be recognized by the government.

Difference Between Zero-rated & Exempted VAT Tax Supplies

Goods and services subjected to 0% tax are referred to Zero rated supplies. For zero rated supplies input tax can be retrieved. Example includes;

  • Export of goods and services
  • Initial sales or rent of residential properties
  • Specific educational services and related goods and services

Goods and services on which VAT tax is not imposed are exempted supplies. Input tax cannot be claimed for exempted supplies. Examples include;

  • Financial services such as life insurance
  • Sales or rent of residential properties
  • Bare land
  • Local passenger transport

Relevance of VAT Services in UAE

Businesses now need to organize their business models according to the new tax law.  Proper documentation of invoices, expenses, and other financial transactions is crucial to guarantee timely and error-free VAT tax return filing. A skilled VAT consultant can improve your business performance, boost operational efficiency, and guarantee VAT compliance, ultimately contributing to the overall success and growth of your business.

How Can VAT Tax Services Help You Grow Your Business in the UAE?

VAT is not an added expense on businesses but if done right it can help increase the cash flow. In short, Accounting, VAT Tax & Advisory Services in UAE is integral for the success and expansion of business. VAT services helps;

  •  Prevent errors in filing tax returns.
  • Claim the input tax paid
  • Avoid fines and penalties.
  • Conducts the tax audit to prevent the company from substantial discrepancy

Expert VAT Consulting Services in Dubai by Engage Experts

Engage Experts offers a full suite of VAT tax Consultancy Services in Dubai. Our services include;

  • VAT advisory services
  • VAT return filing service
  • VAT registration
  • VAT deregistration
  • VAT training
  • VAT transaction advisory

VAT Tax Registration Process for UAE Residents

 Basically, a business can opt for any of the two types of VAT tax registration process available for UAE residents;

  1. Mandatory Registration; VAT Registration is compulsory for businesses, whose taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 375,000 per annum
  2. Voluntary Registration; Businesses whose taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 187,500 per annum can register voluntarily.

How to Register for VAT Tax UAE?

VAT tax registration in the UAE involves submitting specific documents and information to the Federal Tax Authority. Engage Experts can guide you through this process seamlessly.

VAT Tax Accounting in UAE

Effective VAT tax accounting is crucial for accurate tax submissions and financial records. Engage Experts UAE  Accounting Services ensure precise accounting. Businesses are required to keep accurate records of the following transactions for hassle-free VAT returns.

  • local sales subject to standard VAT procedures,
  • Taxable export sales (GCC sales),
  • VAT-exempted sales,
  • local purchases and imported purchases,
  • Zero-rated export sales.

VAT Tax Training in Dubai

It’s important for organisations to understand the impact of new taxes and organize their business models in accordance with  government’s reporting and compliance requirements. Engage Experts UAE offer VAT tax training to equip businesses and individuals with the knowledge and skills required to manage VAT effectively.

VAT Tax Impact Study in United Arab Emirates

The implementation of VAT tax has revealed positive developments in the UAE, such as;

  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • increased global competitiveness
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • New financial resources for socio-economic programs

What is VAT Tax Return Filing?

All VAT-registered organizations, or ‘taxable persons,’ are required to submit a ‘VAT return’ to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) at the end of each tax period. The VAT return filing means the amount refunded by the tax authorities to the taxpayer. VAT Tax Compliance and Return Filing involves submitting the details of VAT tax collected and paid to the government.

What is VAT Tax Liability & How is it Calculated?

VAT Liability is the difference between the output tax due (VAT charged on goods and services supplied) and the input tax recoverable (VAT tax incurred on purchases) for a specific tax period.

If the output tax is greater than the input tax, the taxpayer has to pay the difference to the FTA. if the input tax is greater than the output tax, the taxpayer can reclaim the additional input tax.

How to File VAT Tax Return in UAE?

Businesses can file for VAT tax return electronically through the FTA portal and fill in the form 201.

What are the Benefits of Filing VAT Tax Return in UAE?

Filing VAT tax returns timely can help business;

  • Avoid penalties
  • Maintain financial integrity
  • Ensure compliance.

VAT Assessment

Businesses are responsible for collecting tax from customers, which is determined by the output and input tax.

Output tax refers to the VAT collected from customers when selling goods or providing services. Input tax is the VAT paid on raw materials purchased for the production of goods or services.

Therefore, the VAT calculation formula is:

VAT tax = Output Tax minus Input Tax

Engage Experts VAT Services in All Over The UAE

The EE Consultancy offers VAT services across the UAE, providing businesses with expert guidance and support. We offer distinctive VAT tax services customized to meet the unique needs of organizations across various industries. Our team of experienced VAT consultants provides expert guidance on;

  • VAT registration,
  • Compliance
  • Strategic planning

We make sure your business remains compliant with Emirati VAT regulations while optimizing tax efficiency. With our in-depth knowledge of local tax laws and regulations, we help businesses steadfast their VAT processes, minimize tax liabilities, and avoid penalties. Partner with Engage Experts today for reliable, efficient, and personalized VAT solutions that drive your business forward in the crowded market of Dubai, UAE.

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