ACCOUNTING & Tax Advisory

Accounting and tax advisory is basically like having a financial buddy to help you out. We’re here to make sense of all the money stuff, whether you’re running a business or just trying to sort out your personal finances. Our job is to keep track of your income, expenses, and taxes, and to give you advice on how to manage your money better. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood financial experts, ready to lend a hand whenever you need it.

Recruitment & HR Services

We have the expertise in connecting companies with the right people. Our focus is on finding top talent that fits seamlessly into your organization. From sourcing candidates to simplifying the hiring process, we ensure a smooth experience for all involved. By partnering with us for your recruitment needs, you can devote more time to building a strong and cohesive team that drives your business forward.

Business Formation

This service includes Mainland Company Formation, Freezone Company Setup in Dubai, and Compliance & Legal Formalities. We will help you through the intricacies of establishing your business, assuring every step is taken care of. Whether opting for a free zone or mainland setup, we guarantee adherence to all legal requirements, efficiently managing the paperwork process. With our comprehensive support, you can focus on expanding your business with peace of mind, knowing your setup is in capable hands.

Technology Consulting

We provide personalized assistance to businesses seeking to make the most of modern technology. Our team offers practical advice and support tailored to your specific needs, helping you navigate the complexities of the digital world with ease. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your systems, streamline processes, or implement new software, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. With our help, you can use the power of technology to drive your business forward confidently and effectively.

Digital Marketing by
NOS Digital

We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored to improve your online presence. Our experts team crafts strategies to maximize your brand’s visibility, engage your target audience, and drive conversions. From SEO and PPC to social media management and content creation, we employ cutting-edge techniques to deliver results that exceed expectations. We make sure your marketing initiatives provide noticeable returns on investment by putting an emphasis on data-driven insights and ongoing optimization.

Company Formation

We offer strategic location selection advice. Also, we facilitate bank account setups. Moreover, our team aids in securing initial funding. Additionally, we guide on compliance with local business customs. Thus, we ensure a smooth market entry. Therefore, our clients experience minimal setup hurdles. Hence, we lay the groundwork for your business success. Consequently, this leads to a faster launch. So, embark on your business journey with confidence, supported by our expertise.

Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai, UAE:

Audit and assurance involve the objective assessment of financial statements to ensure clarity and compliance with various laws and regulations. Therefore, at Engage Experts, we provide these essential services to enhance the credibility of financial information, which is crucial for stakeholders’ decision-making.

Transaction Advisory Services in Dubai UAE

Our Top Leading Transaction Advisory Services cover mergers, and other business transactions, giving you with the views needed for successful results.


Auditing & Consultation Services in UAE

The Engage Experts is recognized as one of the leading audit firms in the UAE. Firstly, we specialize in a variety of Auditing and business advisory services. These are designed to support and boost your business operations. Furthermore, our team, consisting of experienced accountants and auditors in Dubai, is dedicated to excellence. We commit to delivering top-notch service in every engagement. This commitment ensures your business gets the best possible support.

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